Benefits of using

Spark Eduportal

Advantage Student

Anytime, Anywhere by Any Device

Students get this flexibility to learn their subjects.

No limit to watch lectures

Can watch lectures multiple times and learn the concepts thoroughly.

Updated Learning Contents

Latest contents can be learned.

Reduced time to learn

25% of the time can be reduced compared to traditional methods.

Consistent and Effective

It provides equal attention to all and more effective compared to traditional.

Advantage Teachers

Increases Creativity of Teachers

Added creativity and better content to grab the attention of students.


An opportunity to learn from their peers on how they are teaching and engaging their students.


Honest feedback from students will add value to the contents teacher creates for them.


e-Learning platform brings more association with parents, students and teachers as they can communicate quite often.

Advantage Institution

Cost savings

Remarkable cost savings as trainers and trainees need not travel around to different locations to attend training.


Every aspect of the training process is strictly monitored and organization heads have total control over it.


As your organization grows, only the contents of e-Learning need to be scaled. No need for having off-campus training centres.

Engaging and Effective

As per IBM whitepaper, trainees are 20% more engaged when using eLearning platform thereby more effectiveness to the training program.